Cleaning computer cooling system to improve performance

While using a laptop computer I noticed high noise levels, caused by the cooling fan.

I decided to check the CPU temperatures using HWMonitor.

The idle temperatures were around 70° C.

And load temperatures were around 85°-94° C.


These temperatures could be high enough to cause thermal throttling, which would affect system performance.

Therefore I measured performance with 7-Zip and CPU-Z benchmarks.


I decided to disassemble the laptop computer and clean the cooling system, using compressed air.

(Be aware that most compressed air cans contain harmful chemicals, so use them outside or in a well ventilated area)


Cleaning the cooling system had a significant effect.

Now idle temperatures were much lower, around 55° C.

And load temperatures were also lower, around 74°-85° C.

Also noticed much lower fan speeds, so the computer wasn’t as noisy as before.


Table of thermal readings:

Idle Load
Before cleaning 70° C 85°-94°
After cleaning 55° C 74°-85° C
Improvement 15° C 9°-11° C


The system had been affected by thermal throttling, because the 7-Zip and CPU-Z benchmarks improved.


Table of benchmark results:

7-Zip score CPU-Z single CPU-Z multi
Before cleaning 12491 1321 4572
After cleaning 16572 1510 5494
Improvement 32,6% 14,3% 20,2%



It can be relevant to clean a computers cooling system.

It may improve noise levels, temperatures and performance.