Error when copying large files to USB memory stick

While copying files to a new USB memory stick I encountered unexpected error messages in Windows.


Robocopy failed with:

2017/05/04 21:45:38 ERROR 87 (0x00000057) Copying File f:\Transport\Test\4GB.txt

The parameter is incorrect.


Cmd copy failed with:

The parameter is incorrect.


PowerShell Copy-Item failed with:

Copy-Item : The parameter is incorrect.
At line:1 char:10
+ Copy-Item <<<<  .\4GB.txt G:\
+ CategoryInfo          : NotSpecified: (:) [Copy-Item], IOException
+ FullyQualifiedErrorId : System.IO.IOException,Microsoft.PowerShell.Commands.CopyItemCommand


Windows explorer copy & paste failed with:

The file '4GB.txt' is too large for the destination file system.


This prompted me to check the file system, which was FAT32.

FAT32 has a file size limitation of 4 GB, a problem I have encountered before.

Like before I decided to reformat the USB memory stick to NTFS, which solved the problem.